We have been working countless hours to help patients recover from this horrible virus. It’s exhausting. It’s trying. And, it’s scary. We care about our patients and their outcomes more than anything. I’m not scared for myself, but scared to bring this virus home to my family. But, that’s the sacrifice that healthcare workers and their families make every day. And, we don’t mind. This virus is so unpredictable, and patients can crash at any moment.

It is so encouraging and rewarding to see your COVID patients recover. Most of these COVID patients fear for their lives from what they’ve seen and heard on the news or even knowing people who have passed away from the virus. It’s hard seeing the fear in these patients’ eyes.

If I can make a patient smile by telling a joke or acting goofy, I will do it. That smile goes a long way. The best part about COVID is being able to discharge them home and knowing that they have recovered from a deadly virus. It’s so awesome to know that we have a part in their recovery, we have a part in saving their lives. That is worth every exhausting day!

— Aaron Houser, RN, Memorial Satilla Health, Waycross