shares the story of a Kennesaw family who had a very close call with COVID-19.

After quarantining for months, Ed and Christy Rosell of Kennesaw, Georgia needed a break and decided to take their two children, ages 6 and 10, on a family vacation to Florida. They were careful to avoid close contact with strangers, wearing masks when they would go out in public, Christy Rosell says. Still, Rosell says, most of the tourists they encountered were not wearing masks. Ed developed a fever a few days after they returned home, and then Christy began to feel ill.

Both tested positive for the virus, and the Rosells began calling their friends and neighbors to alert them to quarantine themselves and get tested for the virus. The coronavirus shouldn’t have been a big deal.

Ed is 47, healthy, and works frequently.

But, for him, this virus was a very big deal. Read the full story here