Teresa Sardine of Fayetteville did what any mother would do for her sick child. She took care of him. Later they found he was infected with the highly contagious COVID-19 virus and though Ms. Sardine took precautions, she too became ill from the virus — so severely ill she was hospitalized twice and is just now starting to recover from the almost two months long ordeal.

“The doctor showed me a CT scan of my lungs. It was terrifying to see the extent of the damage and my anxiety levels are still sky high,” says Ms. Sardine, who is an asthmatic. “I have never experienced such a devastating sickness in my life.”

Her son, 34-year-old Jason Sardine, experienced a fever and severe back pain in mid-June after a co-worker came down with the virus and infected several people at their place of employment. Two days later when he began to experience problems breathing, he went to the hospital for help. It took him a month and half to recover from the illness and then quarantine before he could return to work. A contractor, Jason so far not received any unemployment benefits, which is an additional stressor on him and his family.

Ms. Sardine is finally on the road to recovery after two hospital stays following episodes of trouble breathing and pneumonia.

“I hope people listen to doctors and wear a mask and social distance,” says Ms. Sardine. “The virus can be contracted so easily. I’m afraid to leave the house because I fear getting it again. It’s the sickest I’ve ever been in my life.”