Before the July Fourth holiday Jeff Moon’s biggest concerns were the positive results from COVID-19 tests taken by his wife and 17-year-old son. Neither was hospitalized, but it wasn’t long before Jeff, the city manager in Woodstock, tested positive himself. “Read more” button (have full story appear)

“I self-quarantined after Nancy and Chason were tested,” Jeff says, “but soon developed the tell-tale symptoms for COVID-19 –– fever, headaches and coughing.”

Because Jeff had had asthma since childhood, he was doubly concerned about the exposure to the coronavirus. The illness soon settled in his lungs, and he was diagnosed with COVID-related pneumonia.

After two weeks in Northside Hospital Cherokee, Jeff is home but tethered to supplemental oxygen most of the day. Recovering at home, Jeff continues to work with the help of an assistant city manager and support of Woodstock’s mayor and City Council.

The experience has altered Jeff’s outlook and habits. “Before this happened, I was something of a nonbeliever about masks, so I didn’t wear one,” says Jeff. “You can believe that has changed.”

He also is distressed when he sees anti-maskers on Facebook.

“If they had gone through what I have they wouldn’t be calling it just the flu,” says Jeff. “Believe me, we all need to take this disease very seriously.”

This story originally appeared in the September issue of Around Woodstock magazine.